Erodex (UK) Ltd

Erodex (UK) Limited has for many years, due to the unsurpassed quality of its graphites and the excellence of its "state-of-the-art" machine shop, been at the forefront of the EDM industry.

Erodex Policy

Products of the highest quality allied to first class service - this is the Erodex policy, just as it was at the company's launch in 1974. Constant vigilance is required to ensure that this policy endures. We believe that the best customer service can only be provided when a dedication to staff training is a priority. Since 1974 Erodex has been the sole official stockist and distributor of Poco Graphite Inc and along with our other partners, have an unbeatable range of quality and products.

Erodex specialises in areas including graphite machining, EDM wire, EDM wire spares and copper. This wide range of expertise allows for the involvement in EDM; semi-conductor; metallurgical, electrical and mechanical applications.


Lapp Blaster

Our unique Lapp Blaster technology utilises the latest advancements to produce a surface finish that has been hardened and clean of all contaminants. Unlike similar processes, we use our own patented mixture which actually compacts the surface and eliminates the EDM recast layer. The Erodex Blast Equipment is available in a range of sizes and formats, they can be custom made to your requirement or supplied from our two standard models.

Smaller Applications

Microlapp systems can be equipped with nozzle sizes as small as 0,8mm, enabling the operator treat workpieces with even greater precision. Available as both single or dual option, the Microlapp utilizes the same patented technology as the larger systems and produces a surface finish second to none.

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For more information on the Erodex Lapp Blaster range, visit our Lapp Blaster product page or contact a member of our sales team.