edm filters

EDM Filters

Erodex offers a complete range of filter cartridges for sink and wire EDM from stock. Selecting the correct filter for your EDM machine is critical for optimum performance and our highly skilled sales engineers are available to help you make the right choice.

New – OMF-450FKC2 & SW-37C2 for Charmilles Wire EDM Machines

Erodex are proud to introduce two new filters, offering great performance and cost effective pricing.
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In addition to the standard WEDM and SEDM filters, Erodex also offer a number of premium filter ranges:

Mann & Hummel – High performance filtration

In the field of EDM, the limits of what is technically possible are constantly being redefined. The quality of the machined parts which can be realised is closely connected to the means of production and process technology. High quality EDM results require fine adjustment of the machining parameters and the use of materials especially designed for the process. Highly efficient filtration offers the following benefits:

  • Higher cutting speeds
  • Erode directly to the final dimension
  • Reduction of secondary erosion operation
  • Higher quality surface finish
  • Improved workpiece tolerance
  • Stable conductivity
  • Optimisation of the ionising resin consumption
  • Reduced machine wear
  • Reduction of maintenance costs

Ultra-Clean – Polyester Filtration

Erodex Ultra-Clean filters use a polyester fleece filter material, which offers greater density (Up to 1µ compared with a maximum of 3-5µ for paper). This polyester fleece is also thinner than traditional materials, allowing progressive folding, which increases the usable surface by up to 50%, along with the life of the filter.

For more information on any of the filters above please download our EDM catalogue or contact us.