What are Carbon Brushes?

Carbon brushes are essentially used in both domestic and industrial electrical drives to facilitate the continuous electrical contact between a static and rotating object.

In a typical direct current motor, a commutator is used to electrically switch the power between the various armature coils in order to maintain a continuous rotation of the motor shaft in a given direction.

Depending on a particular motors design speed, operating voltage, power rating, application and prevailing environmental conditions, a suitable grade of carbon brush will be selected to offer the best possible set of commutation conditions which results in the optimum life span of the carbons.

Carbon brushes take on many different forms with the core groups been categorised as follows; hard carbons, resin bonded, carbon graphites, electro-graphites, metal graphites. Even beyond this point, impregnation of certain grades of carbon is carried out to further enhance their performance characteristics whether this is to increase the hardness, current carrying capacity, to reduce friction, to improve temperature or humidity capabilities, etc.

ECP aim to offer all our customers with a wide range of both quality and reputable grades to suit all your carbon brush needs whether they be for domestic or industrial use.