edm wire

What is EDM Wire?

EDM wire is often brass EDM wire, a zinc coated EDM wire or enriched brass EDM wire that is constantly fed from a spool mounted on the wire EDM machine. The WEDM process can be used to cut very intricate, two dimensional shapes with very high accuracy, in a variety of exotic or ultra-hard metals. Erodex are the largest supplier of all EDM wire to the UK market.

A list of popular EDM wires supplied by Erodex can be found below:

A clean, paraffin-free, high quality brass wire.

Bedra Wire
Erodex stock a large range of Berkenhoff EDM wires.

Paraffin-free, high quality, clean brass EDM wire.

Q-Cut Plus
60/40 brass composition for higher cutting speeds.

An economically priced, high quality zinc coated EDM wire.

Designed specifically for high speed precision cutting on Charmilles EDM equipment.

For more information or a wire not listed above, please contact us