Erodex Welcomes Two New Apprentices

In an exciting development, Erodex Group, the United Kingdom’s foremost experts in designing and manufacturing graphite electrodes, tooling, and fixtures, has recently onboarded two promising apprentices. These young talents are set to join Erodex’s cutting-edge graphite machining facility, based in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Erodex’s state-of-the-art machining facility boasts over 35 years of expertise, making it well-equipped to transform various graphite grades into intricate components serving a diverse range of industries.

Meet the New Apprentices:

  • Jack Needs is embarking on his apprenticeship journey as a CNC Machinist.
  • Kane Howl has joined the team as an Apprentice Grinder.

Both apprentices are committed to a comprehensive learning plan, combining on-the-job training at Erodexs’ machining facility with structured off-site learning at Make UK Apprenticeships and Training in Aston, Birmingham.

Director James Kirk expressed his pride in providing young, talented individuals with a launching pad for their engineering careers. He emphasised the importance of nurturing the next generation of skilled professionals, especially given the high precision and demanding nature of Erodex’s engineering work.

Kirk stated, “As with most engineering firms across the country, we see a shortage of skilled, time-served individuals that fit our profile, and we therefore accept that it is our responsibility to develop our own talent. We commit a significant amount of time to training our apprentices on the job and look forward to seeing them progress within the company.”

He added, “There will be opportunities for these individuals to grow within the business moving forward as we help them to develop the required skills. Everybody at the Erodex Group wishes them the best moving forward, and I am sure that they will all continue to enjoy successful careers with us.”

January 2023 marked the relaunch of Erodex’s Apprenticeship Scheme, with external consultancy support from Next Gen Makers to ensure it remains at the forefront of best practice in the industry. The company is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for its apprentices and is actively pursuing accreditation for the Make UK Engineering Apprenticeships: Employer Kitemark through Next Gen Makers. This prestigious recognition highlights Erodex as an excellent employer of engineering apprentices in the UK.

Erodex is committed to attracting the next generation to its apprenticeship opportunities through innovative methods, including virtual reality outreach sessions for local college students. In the coming years, Erodex will offer apprenticeships starting at level 3 in various disciplines, including Engineering Technicians, across different departments within the business.

Erodex’s machining facility continues to be a driving force behind the significant growth experienced by the Erodex Group in recent years. The company has invested over £2 million in new machinery as part of its ongoing continuous improvement program. Founded in 1973, the Erodex Group recently celebrated its fifty-year milestone in business. It now employs 90 skilled individuals across two sites in the West Midlands, with its headquarters in Halesowen and a state-of-the-art machining facility in Wednesbury.