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Anti-Corrosion Powder

Erodex has recently launched its new Anti-Corrosion Powder that has been specially formulated to provide rust-prevention protection for water-based wire EDM machines. The innovative new powder-based additive has been developed to protect both the workpiece and the tank from oxidation. 

Rust occurs on steel parts as a result of a simple chemical reaction where positive ions from the steel workpiece dissolve in the water and react with oxygen molecules to form iron oxide on the surface of the workpiece, any steel fixturing and the machine’s work tank.

“Rust has plagued EDM shops for many years,” explains Erodex’s Sales Director, Steve Rolinson. “There has been limited success in addressing it without negative side-effects. In the past, liquid and powder chemical rust inhibitors have been used as additives to the dielectric fluid, but these inhibitors require monitoring to maintain concentration and can shorten the life of the de-ionising resin.”

Typically, existing anti-corrosion products require a concentration of 0.3 to 0.5 per cent by volume, and overdosing can affect the resin required to generate de-ionised water. Erodex’s powder can be easily managed using just a measuring cup. It is also cost-effective, requiring just 0.1 per cent to be added to the capacity of the tank; a 100g of powder will suffice for a 100 litre tank. The powder is supplied in compact 500g packs that are easy to handle and store. It is far less hazardous and more convenient than liquid as it weighs less and any accidental spillage can be easily gathered.

Erodex Anti-Corrosion Powder dissolves easily and homogeneously in the de-ionised water to disrupt the oxidation process in submerged parts. This eliminates any post process manual cleaning time, improving profits for extended cycle time wire EDM operations. It also keeps the machine and work station clean.

The powder does not affect the water de-ionising system, or the conductivity of the water. The solution is not sticky when dried which means that any sludge is easily remove, preventing secondary discharge.

“Using Erodex Anti-Corrosion Powder EDM workshops can virtually eliminate rust from long run-time wire EDM processes, providing manufacturers with significant improvements in long-term efficiency and profitability,” Steve Rolinson concludes.

Should you find this product of interest, please contact our sales team for more information.


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