duragraph graphite

Duragraph® Graphites

A registered trademark of The Erodex Group since 1977, Duragraph® has built a reputation for quality and reliability.

Duragraph® 11

A grade ideal for roughing.

Duragraph® 15

Universal grade for toolmakers.

Duragraph® 17

Wear resistant fine grain graphite for more demanding applications.

Duragraph® 20

Finishing grade for higher accuracy and better surface finish.

Duragraph® 120

A die casting material, suitable for a wide range of alloys, as well as a general purpose graphite for various industries.

Duragraph® 150

Developed for casting metal alloys that have a high affinity for carbon.

Duragraph® 465

Premium finishing grade to perform high quality EDM tasks with high removal rates.

In addition to the graphites listed above, others are available. Please contact us for further details.