EDM Deionising Resin

EDM Deionising Resin is a crucial component in the water filtration system of Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines. This resin works to deionise the water that is used as a dielectric fluid in the EDM process. It accomplishes this by removing ions from the water, helping to maintain its electrical resistance and thereby ensuring the precision and efficiency of the EDM process.

The dielectric fluid in EDM serves two critical roles: it acts as an electrical insulator until the breakdown voltage is reached, and it helps in flushing away the eroded particles from the workpiece. Over time, this fluid can become contaminated with metal particles, which leads to an increase in its conductivity and a reduction in its insulating properties. 

The deionising resin helps restore the insulating properties of the fluid by removing these ions, ensuring consistent machining conditions and optimal performance.

With over 50 years of experience in the EDM industry, Erodex stands as a trusted supplier of high-quality EDM deionising resin. Understanding the critical role of maintaining the purity and electrical resistance of the dielectric fluid in the EDM process, Erodex’s deionising resin contributes to optimal performance and efficiency in EDM operations.

However, Erodex offers more than just superior EDM deionising resin. They also provide a comprehensive suite of services, including consultation, electrode design, and machining. By deeply understanding their customers’ unique needs and challenges, Erodex is able to offer tailored solutions that ensure performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in EDM processes. Erodex’s dedication to innovation and their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have established them as a reliable partner in the EDM and wider engineering industry. To keep up to date follow us on our Erodex Facebook page.

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