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confreecut ONE

The innovative solution for contamination-free wire erosion

To increase efficiency in the EDM production of contamination-free components, bedra has developed the innovative confreecut ONE EDM wire. confreecut ONE stands for contamination-free and fast machining with low wire guide wear and lower wire costs. The wire has a high-purity outer nickel coating with an optimized layer thickness. Run lengths of up to 60,000 m per spool permit significantly more autonomous production compared with the usual fabrication of molybdenum and tungsten wires.

bedra was able to prove in numerous tests that confreecut ONE reduces the copper and zinc contamination, and zinc is reduced to almost zero during processing with 2-4 trim cuts. In the process, the components were examined for these residues using highly sensitive analysis technology. bedra will be happy to advise you on your specific erosion application.

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