Hydrofix is a specially selected wood, accurately machined to an exact thickness, finally treated with an impregnation that enables the sheet to swell when exposed to water. Small pieces, cut from the 100mm x 60mm sheets are used as shims in the kerf of the wire EDM path. The swelling of the shim exerts adequate forces to hold the inner core of the workpiece firmly in place. The shims are left in place until the complete wire EDM path has been cut. The core is then tapped out.

N.B. The shims can only be used once and cannot be dried for a second operation.
Special note: Ensure this is stored in a dry place in the polythene bag provided.

Packs of 10 sheets available in 4 thicknesses:

Super Magnets

Super Magnets are strong enough to hold even very large core pieces during the EDM operation. The core is held firmly in place right to the end of the EDM path ensuring the core does not fall during the final stages of cutting..

Flushmaster Magnets

Flushmaster magnets enable cutting to commence when the wire EDM process is started from the outside of the workpiece. The equipment allows the formation of a reservoir of water to be formed around the wire. This eliminates the need for start holes and allows for the early use of full power settings. Flushmaster magnets can be used horizontally, vertically or in gangs for very deep workpieces.

Offered in wooden boxes, the set comprises of 4 pieces:

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