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EDM wire is often brass EDM wire, a zinc coated EDM wire or enriched brass EDM wire that is constantly fed from a spool mounted on the wire EDM machine. The WEDM process can be used to cut very intricate, two dimensional shapes with very high accuracy, in a variety of exotic or ultra-hard metals. Erodex are the largest supplier of all EDM wire to the UK market.

A list of popular EDM wires supplied by Erodex can be found below:

A clean, paraffin-free, high quality brass wire.

Bedra Wire
Erodex stock a large range of Berkenhoff EDM wires.

Paraffin-free, high quality, clean brass EDM wire.

Q-Cut Plus
60/40 brass composition for higher cutting speeds.

An economically priced, high quality zinc coated EDM wire.

Designed specifically for high speed precision cutting on Charmilles EDM equipment.

For more information or a wire not listed above, please contact us

Spark Erosion is another form of metal removal under closely controlled conditions. A charged electrode is brought near to the workpiece, between them is an insulating oil known as dielectric fluid. Even through a dielectric fluid is a good insulator, a large enough electrical charge can cause the fluid to break down into ionic fragments, allowing an electrical current to pass from electrode, to workpiece. The closely controlled spark is the vehicle that removes metal from the workpiece, thus enabling machining of very hard metals with complex shapes.

Carbon brushes are essentially used in both domestic and industrial electrical drives to facilitate the continuous electrical contact between a static and rotating object.

In a typical direct current motor, a commutator is used to electrically switch the power between the various armature coils in order to maintain a continuous rotation of the motor shaft in a given direction.

Depending on a particular motors design speed, operating voltage, power rating, application and prevailing environmental conditions, a suitable grade of carbon brush will be selected to offer the best possible set of commutation conditions which results in the optimum life span of the carbons.

Carbon brushes take on many different forms with the core groups been categorised as follows; hard carbons, resin bonded, carbon graphites, electro-graphites, metal graphites. Even beyond this point, impregnation of certain grades of carbon is carried out to further enhance their performance characteristics whether this is to increase the hardness, current carrying capacity, to reduce friction, to improve temperature or humidity capabilities, etc.

ECP aim to offer all our customers with a wide range of both quality and reputable grades to suit all your carbon brush needs whether they be for domestic or industrial use.

Carbon Vanes are used in a variety of applications including pumps, oil meters, compressors in fuel meters in a range of sectors including industrial , mechanical and automotive. Often our products are used in dry running rotary compressors and vacuum pumps, mobile compressors on bulk delivery tankers, printing machinery, spray paint equipment, packing machinery, food processing equipment, wet running vane pump and meters, automotive diesel fuel pumps, drink vending machines and fuel tanker meters.

Our carbon vanes are made from resin bonded graphite and designed for use at temperatures up to 180°c. Due to the nature of carbon, the likelihood of a chemical reaction between the pumping solution and the carbon vane is almost non existent.

One of the main advantages of this type of product is that they are self lubricating and therefore very useful for pumping liquids with poor lubricative properties such as petrol. The lack of lubricative grease means that the liquid being pumped is free of contaminants.

Erodex provide a comprehensive range of spare parts for all wire EDM machines. Often called wear parts or consumable EDM parts, Erodex stock thousands of components, such as flushing nozzles, power feed contacts, diamond wire guides, ceramic pipe guides etc…

Our in depth knowledge and helpful staff are available for your enquiries. Erodex are your one stop provider for all your WEDM spares / wear parts.

Erodex have the most sophisticated machine shop and can produce extremely high accuracy graphite components. Graphite machining has been a very important part of The Erodex product range for over 30 years. Using the most up-to-date CNC equipment available, our team of highly trained engineers enable Erodex to meet the customer’s exact requirements. Erodex are continually investing in the latest equipment, ensuring our machines are the most modern in the industry.

Carbon rubbing components are widely used in high temperature applications where the presence of liquid lubricants is sometimes unacceptable. Carbon has properties that give chemical inertness, temperature resistance, thermal stability and impermeability to gasses and liquids. Erodex offer a comprehensive range of mechanical carbon grades, either as banks or finished components.

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