For 50 years, Erodex have built both the most comprehensive product line and stock of high quality EDM consumables AND a recognised reputation for quality and service.

Aligned with some of the leading global producers, the Erodex philosophy places quality and service at the very forefront of what we offer to the marketplace. Graphites from POCO; EDM wires from BEDRA; filters from OSHITARI and Mann and Hummel, we have always striven to offer our customers the very best.


These ranges are supported by our own brand products that are offered at price and quality points that can deliver excellent value in the right environment.


Above all comes our dedication to speed of response, technical support, and fast delivery. The Erodex ‘umbrella’ service (giving customers peace of mind for all of their EDM needs) makes us a one stop shop for everything from wear parts and wire to finished complex EDM electrodes. If you use EDM then a member of our highly trained technical sales team can help.


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