Pumps & Motors


Through our Electrical Carbon Products division (ECP), Erodex have been supplying high quality carbon brushes to OEMs and the motor rewind community for over 50 years…..and with 95% of our orders dispatched same day we have built our reputation on reducing customer downtimes.


Add this to our range of brush-holders, slip rings, commutators and maintenance products and we are a comprehensive partner for your motor rewind and repair needs.


For our Pump customers we have our Durablade range of carbon vanes. Manufactured by us in the UK from SGL EK-60 material, our vanes are self-lubricating and hard-wearing for consistent, long lasting and quiet pump operation.


Whether you are an OEM looking for quality and consistency, an end-user who needs to minimize downtimes, or a rewinder relying on our rapid response so that you can exceed your own customers’ expectations, Erodex is a partner you can trust.


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